In the Morning You Hear My Voice, and I Watch

My morning Bible reading was from Psalm 5. One of the things I do each morning is look for that one verse that I can memorize and then use throughout the day. It is amazing to me how often I need just that verse.

Anyway, the verse that stood out to me this morning was Psalm 5:3:

“O Lord, you hear my voice in the morning;in the morning I plead my case to you, and watch.”

The Psalmist is stressed. If you read the whole Psalm 5, you see it’s because of his enemies. So pressed and stressed is he that his first thoughts and words are addressed to God (which is a common theme in the Psalms of beginning each day by looking to and speaking to God). He has a case to plead, like someone presenting something to a judge to make a decision. He is confident that he will get a hearing and a favorable ruling, for he trusts in the “hesed” or steadfast love of God. So, he pleads his case and watches…

Maybe you and I do not have literal enemies like the Psalmist (maybe some of us do). But we have much that would stress and press us, do we not? Perhaps these things have caused us also some sleepless nights. So, who are we going to call to in the morning light? To whom will we plead our case? And then watch…watch to see what happens…

Turn your thoughts and words this morning to the One who created you, the One who loves you more than you can know. This One is no stern judge but, as Jesus said, is to be called upon as the most loving of parents, a heavenly “Father.” You will discover in just the mere act of doing so, a greater sense of peace and relief. Then continue to “watch” throughout the day and days, and see how God answers and cares.

I prayed this morning for a dear aunt who has been struggling and suffering for so long with an illness. I prayed that God would provide what she needed. In less than an hour later, as I watched and listened, the call came that she had gone on to be with the Lord!

How many times I have had similar things happen. This isn’t magic. It’s not a way to manipulate God. It’s a matter of trust and love. God cares for us. When we take that seriously, then in the morning (and at all times) we speak, we pour out our souls to God, daaring to believe that God hears and cares; then watching, listening for signs of God’s presence and provision.

It is a simple matter, really. Make it a practice to begin each morning by letting God hear your voice, plead your case for yourself or on behalf of others, then watch, wait and see if there are not signs that God has heard and answers. Maybe it will not always be at the time or in the way you hope for or want, but God’s timing and actions are always what is best for us.

How about sharing with me some of your experiences along these lines?

God bless and keep you,



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