Welcome to a New (and Hopefully Improved) HBEM

Hey, everyone.

I have wanted for sometime now to revise and update the Homilies by Email resource. At long last we are in the process of doing so.

In it you will find the followiing:

  • A complete worship service (often more than one)
  • Lectionary Leaf (A bulletin insert to encourage persons to read upcoming lectionary passages
  • Light from the Lectionary (a resouce you can use for small group Bible study)
  • Sermon Illustrations
  • Sermon Starters
  • Children’s Messages
  • Worship Resources
  • Other resources (often sermons, series, complete services for special days, etc)
  • Sermon series

The site is still underconstruction and new materials will be added daily until the there are the above resources for the full three year lectionary cycle.

In fact, we will be offering lots of new resources frequently, some of it free. For example, we hope to begin offering soon a children’s lectionary resource that can be printed and given to kids.

You can get a free one month trial to check out these resources. To get yours, email homilies@homiliesbyemail.com and ask for it.

Please let us know what you think of these materials and if there are other materials that you would like to see us offer.

God bless,



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