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Our Resources

Homilies By Email provides busy pastors with quality ideas and resources for enchancing their ministries.

A complete lectionary-based worship service (in WORD) so that
subscribers can easily download and adapt. It has a complete order
of worship - call to worship, suggested songs, litanies, kids message,
and sermon

Lectionary chat list (a place for ministers to come and discuss the
upcoming readings)

Complete Lectionary Leaf (short, long, unformatted)

Light from the letionary bible study

Sermon index (all the sermons for easy reference by title, topic and
text) for those who like more topical sermons and who do not follow
the lectionary

Children's sermons index (all the kids messages by topic, title, and text)

Complete Worship Services for Special Sundays/Days (Thanksgiving,
Mother's Day, etc)

Sermon series

Resources include:

  • Complete Lectionary Worship Service
  • Light from the Lectionary Bible Study
  • Lectionary Leaf Bulletin Inserts
  • Special Days Complete Services
  • Sermon Series
  • Sermon
  • Sermon Illustrations
  • Worship Aids
  • Children's Sermons